Two CSR awards in one year:

8. Februar 2012

Two CSR awards in one year:
Vorwerk Carpets is one of the most sustainable manufacturers in Germany

CSR stands for corporate social responsibility, the voluntary and identifiable assumption of responsibility for social issues by a company. For Vorwerk Carpets, CSR has been only natural for years and represents a key part of company policy. With “Eco Balance”, a programme agenda is being thought and lived here which places the ecological, economic and social aspects of sustainability in a symbiotic contect.
Vorwerk has – once again – received official confirmation for pioneering CSR conduct. In the form of two awards.

Nationwide CSR success: a Silver Medal
From June to November 2011, the German consumer association VERBRAUCHER INITIATIVE e.V. conducted a nationwide CSR survey of manufacturers from the six fields of business with the highest sales revenue: food, luxury foods, alcohol & tobacco as one field, health and body care, DIY and building materials, furniture, information and telecommunications technology, as well as textiles and shoes. The point of this project, which was subsidised by the German Ministry of the Environment and the Federal Environment Agency, was to measure environmental and social commitment along the entire supply chain. In the case of this solicitation for replies, Vorwerk has been awarded a Silver Medal as “Most Sustainable Manufacturer 2011”.

Regional CSR success: a Seal of Approval
The second invitation for entries occurred under the auspices of Pro Hannover Region. This promotional & support association is actively involved in developing the region in and around Hanover and wants to turn
it into a leading economic area in Europe. The CSR topics upon which the applicants were evaluated in a total of four sectors included: resourcefriendly production and fairness towards vendors & suppliers (sector: Market and Supply Chain), promotion of health and compatibility of occupation and family (sector: Workplace), the usage of environmentally friendly materials, waste reduction and recycling (sector: Environment), and ethnic tolerance and involvement in culture and sports (sector: Community). Vorwerk was successful here, too, and was awarded the “CSR Seal of Approval 2011”.

CEO Johannes Schulte commented: “We’re happy and we’re proud to be honoured for our social involvement and commitment at both a national and a regional level. And that this occurs again and again. It shows that our ‘Eco Balance’ programme agenda has not only been thought out sensibly and with an orientation towards the future – it’s being lived as well. And has been for almost 20 years.”